Friday, August 29, 2014


That is all Cash wants to eat right now.

He hasn't had dinner in two nights because all he wants are....RAISINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are raisins all over our house. In my car. In the front yard. IN THE SCHOOL PARKING LOT.

He actually hoards them in his tent sometimes for emergency reasons.

Raisins account for 99.9% of daily tantrums.

I hate raisins.

Except when I need to bribe him.

Then I love raisins.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


i always knew if we had a girl i wanted a boys name for her. my mom chose one for me and i wanted to continue the tradition. i googled and googled for months and kept thinking i wanted one with a ''c'' to match cash. our top choices were carson, cade (cash and cade, i mean come on), and coy.  but none of these ever felt like ''the one''. i love cade for a boy but for a girl i didn't want people to think her name was caden or cadence etc. and carson was too popular for girls lately. and then coy was going to be if we had a boy so i couldn't imagine it on her. then i asked for suggestions via twitter and a good friend wrote me a list- one of which was bennett. i had seen a little girl on instagram a few weeks before that named bennett and added it to our list but kind of brushed it off because it didn't start with a c.  rewind to even months before that when i was in austin for the ole miss game-- my bff JD and i were talking about names and benny came up. i even texted brett at like 1 AM ''benny suzanne i love it :)''....but again we brushed it off because it didn't start with a c.

after my friend suggested bennett on twitter, everything just kind of made sense and i made the connection between bennett and benny. bennett could be her formal name and we could call her benny. you see, we call cash ''cashy'' so that night i asked about bennett and call her benny? benny and cashy? and he said, it's perfect. <3 even more perfect that my dad's name is benjamin and that makes it a play off a family name kinda sorta.

plus who doesn't want an excuse to sing b-b-b-b-enny and the jets.

the whole point of this blog post is how it's kind of funny how fate works. i think benny was destined to have this name.  my dad's name is benjamin franklin (I KNOW, I KNOW). and he is named after my grandfather's baby brother who passed away tragically in a car accident at a very young age.  he was so special to my grandfather and his family and the tragedy that they had to go through is just unimaginable.  a few years ago my grandfather gave my dad his brothers wallet, which still had the tire tracks on it from the car accident.  it was a special moment and something my dad cherishes.  so after we announced the name to my parents at christmas, my dad called my grandfather to tell him that we were going to name her bennett and call her benny. and what my grandfather said next will always be so special to me.  he told my dad that his brother benjamin went by the name benny. that was his name. what they called him. what he was known as. and that is when i knew we made the right choice, and i couldn't be happier to have my daughter share his name.

have a great day y'all

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Bennett Suzanne Detamore was born on St. Patrick's Day, and I can't believe the amount of love I instantly experienced with her.  She was and is completely perfect and the sweetest little addition to our growing family.

I wanted to write her birth story while it's still fresh in my mind because these days with two kids I forget e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  We checked into the Woman's Pavillion around 6 AM and by 8 AM my water was broken and pitocin started. (#ihateyoupitocin) I made sure to ask the nurse the time frame it would take to get the epidural because with Cash they took FOREVER to get to the room and my contractions had multiplied a trillion by the time that doctor showed his face.  She said usually around 40 minutes.  Well as soon as I started to get uncomfy I asked for it and she said I was first on the list...after they finish up surgery. Which should be about 20 minutes. Liars. I kept asking (yelling) the poor med student when in the H they were coming because I'm about to die.  OVER AN HOUR LATER they finally came.  By this time my contractions had multiplied by a trillion again and I was screaming that I'm really never doing this ever. ever. ever. again.  As soon as I got the epidural with Cash I felt immediate relief and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Well this time I felt no relief whatsoever. The doctor kept reassuring me that in 15 minutes it will hit me and I'll start to feel tingly. Waited...nothing...bad contraction...waited...nothing...horrible contraction...finally the anesthesiologist' nurse pumped me another dose of medicine...nothing...then she tried a different medicine...maybe a little relief but barely....another bad this point I'm screaming to Brett "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME, WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS, WHY ISN'T IT WORKING, I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO SOMETHING''

Finally they realize something isn't working and in walks the anesthesiologist and examines my back where the gigantic needle was....yeah the catheter is aren't getting the full dose...we need to redo it. DO IT ALREADY THEN.

Of course after everything was fixed I felt immediate relief. I had a FAILED epidural y'all. I hope no one ever experiences that because it sucks. Bad.

At this point I'm so drowsy from all the different medicine I just want to go to sleep and I keep talking about being on a beach with a margarita #obviously. About 5 minutes later, the resident came in and ask me if I felt any pressure or not (you know from the baby). And I'm like ummm I think so but not really but maybe I'm so tired I have no idea I can't move. So they examine me one last time and he says to the the doctor asap this baby is coming NOW. Apparently her head was you know like right there.  The doctor comes, she tells me to push, I say I can't I'm so tired it's impossible, she says do it, I push for literally like 2 minutes, maybe 2 or 3 times, and Miss Bennett came into this world.

So after it's all said and done, I guess I can't complain too much.

She's just perfect.

And she's 3 weeks old already.

By the way they say going from 0 to 1 kid is WAY harder than going from 1 to 2....they are lying. 2 is way harder. But that's a whole other post.

ryann, cash & benny

Monday, March 10, 2014



I am determined NOT to be induced and I am also determined for her NOT to be born on Cash's birthday. Totally under our control right?

I've tried hot wings. Spicy Chinese food. Hot mustard. Mex food.  Walking (all day). Chasing around a sort-of-walking 1 year old.  Rocking. A lot of rocking. I even tried pumping. Nothing!!!! I had one contraction at 3:25 AM and kept thinking this is it this is it! Then I fell back asleep and woke up perfectly fine at 6.  Grrrrrrr.  I feel like all these old wives tales are total BS. Maybe I just need to learn to accept that my babies are late and that's that.

On the other hand, I am trying to soak up the alone time Brett & I have before another little one comes into our lives. With Cash sleeping through the night and going to bed around 7, we have time for a movie, TV shows, to cook dinner, order in...not to mention sleep. SLEEEP, I shall miss thee for a while.

On the other other hand, send me suggestions to serve this child an eviction notice.



For your reading pleasure here was my One Week Countdown post last year for Cash man

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Little man has been sleeping around 11 hours straight at night so I think I can officially say night weaning FREAKING WORKS. Please please give it a try if you are having the same issues we were, I can't say enough good things about it. Of course every baby is different but I never thought 2 months ago I would be saying Cash slept through the night before his little sister was here!! Of course mom is up at 5 due to pregnancy insomnia but that's a whole other story ;)

I thought I'd round up a few of Cashy's favorite things at 11 months old.  We're always looking for new, fun toys too so if you have any suggestions please let me know!!

Any and all Melissa & Doug chunky puzzles:

THIS ELEPHANT: It also helped him learn to stand on his own!

Mega Bloks (have heard from lots of other moms that these are a big hit too):

His own piggy bank:

He just figured out how to put the coins in the slot on his own and it cracks.him.up.on.the.reg.

Loves to chase these around the house: 


His first birthday is coming up and I'm highly considering this for outside:

Little Tykes Pirate Water Table
And maybe this. Would it be soooo wrong to get him a pink one?! It's so much cuter and obviously his sister will use it.
Bring on other toy suggestions please :)


PS. 3 more weeks to go. I can barely move. #hurryup

Monday, February 17, 2014


4 weeks from today baby makes her debut! I AM SO READY. Emotionally still scared and nervous about having two, but just really ready to meet her and for her to join our family.  I start going to the doctor every week now to get updates. She said since I was late with Cash, I'll probably be late with her. Bah hum bug. ALSO she gave me the option to induce at 39 weeks but nothankyougoodlord. I'll wait patiently until she is given an official eviction notice.

Cash has officially been sleeping through the night for about a WEEK now! We had one really off night because he had a tooth coming in, but he put himself back to sleep eventually and we haven't had to hear him cry since! Then one morning he woke up at 5 AM but just played in his crib for a few hours without crying. I made it a rule to not go in there to get him until 7 AM (unless he starts screaming and it's like 6:30) but so far he's been an angel with the 7 rule.  Brett & I actually stayed up to watch TWO MOVIES this weekend. Something we haven't done in like a year and a half. It's a big deal you guys.

There's also someone I want to introduce you to that I think has been a huge help in night weaning.  Maybe it's all in my head but now I can't imagine not having THIS.  We have the regular Graco Sound Machine in his room which he's heard since he was a wee one and I am never giving that up. But I read about this other thing in one of the 100 books I ordered about sleep training so thought we'd try it. We put it outside his room and crank up the white noise setting. You see our house is really open and there is no carpet aka you can hear freaking e-v-e-r-y-t-h-I-n-g. And having 3 dogs who love to bark doesn't help either.  Anyways, this little machine seems to help block out all the noise going into his room so we use it every night and now have started to use it during nap time too. Highly recommend.

One last thing, a special shout out to Brett who's been my biggest support system through this pregnancy and journey of momma-hood so far. He made my Valentine's so special and I'd go to another concert until 1 AM with him any time :) Love you bebe!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I'm sitting here drinking a cup of coffee. Watching the monitor. On which my child is sleeping. And has been since 7:30 PM last night. No crying, no nothing. Y'all, this is the second night in a row this has happened.  I didn't want to write a blog post yesterday because if I did and was all like YAAA THIS SHIZ WORKS, then he was up the next night, I'd feel pretty defeated. But 2 nights in a row calls for a celebration.  And if he goes 3 nights? Well shit, he might get his 1st birthday cake a month early.

I honestly feel like night weaning worked/is working for us.  Just last month we were up twice a night and he was easily consuming 10 ounces.  And now that we KNOW he's not hungry and is capable of sleeping straight through feedings, I am mentally ok if he wakes at 5 AM and cries/whines for a while without running in there with a bottle.  I hope these good/positive posts continue for the next few days and this is a permanent thing! If anyone wants to know more details or wants to try night weaning feel free to message me! You know I love me some FB messages.

Moving on...while we're both basking in the fact that we get to sleep straight through the night as well, it's kind of funny that in 5 weeks we will revert to newborn sleep deprivation.  New parents you know what I mean. Where your eyes are literally SO HEAVY and you think to yourself omg I never knew it was possible to be this tired. Or looking out your window at 2 AM and thinking, god I hate everyone else who is sleeping right now. Or going out in public and looking at someone and thinking, I bet you got like 10 hours of sleep last night- I hate you.  That was just me? Ok. Embarrassing.  Anyways, we are so lucky that we have a ton of help now that we are back in Houston and I'm hoping this time around I will be able to nap a little during the day to get back on track (who am I kidding, napping for me = FB and blogging time).

Random news:

Cash is THIRTY TWO (and a quarter) inches tall. Putting him in 100% for height.
He turns 1 year old 2 days after baby girl's due date. Ha.
I have my first official check up at the doctor this Friday to see if I'm dilated/effaced. (let's not get our hopes up)
And Cash is officially awake- 7 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job little man.

Must go. xoxox